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Pathway to Manhood
Helping families build Christian men

You want to raise your son to be a good man. And, if you are a Christian, you want him to be good, Christian man. But no one ever told you how or put you through a class to know how. So how do you do it?  The Pathway to Manhood was created to help.

Written for teenage boys and the families and mentors who love them, this  seven lesson workbook will give the young man a true understanding of what it means to be a Christian man and helps to guide him along the path to that goal. 

Perfect for.... 

  • Dads who don't know how to start the conversation

  • Moms who want their boys to follow the lessons of Christ

  • Youth leaders who want to help build men

  • Mentors who want to help

This short book can help anyone who wants to guide their young man towards a Christian manhood. Enjoy!

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