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"Great read by a great guy! My 14 year old son and I had the opportunity to take a class with Cole and a group of Father/Sons. Incredible experience for both of us. Thanks for the insight and keep up the great work."

 - Amazon Reviewer

You want to raise your son to be a responsible man full of integrity and character. And, if you are a Christian, you want him to have a firm and lasting relationship with Christ.


But no one ever told you how to do this or put you through a class. And, if the teen guy in your life is like most, he won't be thrilled to start this conversation. 


The Pathway to Manhood was created to help.

Written for teenage boys and the parents and mentors who love them, this seven lesson workbook will give your young man a true understanding of what it means to be a Christian man who can lead himself and others in the future. 

The Pathway to Manhood Workbook
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Pathway Class
How this Works – Big Picture
You study. You think. You engage. You pray. You talk about important topics with your family and men who are not your dad, uncle or brother. You learn skills you’ll need to use later in life. You begin to recognize the roadmap in front of you... and how to use it.
How this Works – Detailed Picture
Classes are can last 45 minutes to 60 minutes depending on how much you want to discuss. The young men are accompanied by their father, mother, grandparent, uncle or mentor who can help lead him through the discussion.  There is an opening prayer before jumping into the week's scripture lesson that will set the tone for the week ahead. 
Speaking and study on the Big Topic of the week will take about 30 minutes. Following the study, you'll have roughly 20 minutes of skill development – cooking a meal, creating a budget, learning how compound interest works, fixing a clogged toilet, changing a tire, etc. The skill session can be taught by anyone with knowledge and skill in that area. Remember, we are trying to get the young men comfortable with the skill so they can do it themselves later on.
Finally, we end by connecting the skill with the big idea and introduce the topic for next week. During the week between classes, our young men will get reminders about study points and follow up reading they'll need to enjoy before the next meeting.
At the completion of the course, our young men will stand up in front of their friends, parents and mentors to discuss what they've learned and how they plan to move forward in their lives. Their parents will be present and we hope they'll agree to start treating their son as a young man who is determined to grow into a good, Christian man and supporting him on his path towards that goal.
The Pathways Class can be tailored to fit any church or organization and time frame. We do not forward any particular denomination but rather provide guidance on the Path to Manhood as described in the bible. 
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Coming in June, 2018, we will be launching a daily devotional for teen guys on Instagram.  Created by "Immanuel Men" from all over the world, this resource provides a short scripture and commentary. We pray the Instagram Daily Devotional will provide your teen son something that is actually useful on social media!

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Sometimes our sons have to learn on their own and do so from those outside our homes. The Personal Journey Experience outlines specific steps for you and your son to go through at any time on his teenaged journey.


Download the Journey Packet today.

(Coming June, 2018) 

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