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Thank you!

A big thank you to our most recent Pathways Class participants from the First United Methodist Church in Athens, GA. I so enjoyed working with each of you. The stories from the fathers were priceless and the participation from the sons inspiring.

It was especially pleasing to hear the feedback from the Young Men. While many of the Bible stories we used were familiar, our Young Men finally understood the context of the stories and how they related to their lives.

We covered Big Questions, The Four R's, Personal Values, Money and Women in our time together. We also learned how change a tire, fix a clogged sink, handle savings and began to learn about the differences between men and women.

Our Young Men did not 'become men' at the end of our time together. Rather, they now have a better understanding of the pathway to a Christian manhood. Just as important, their fathers now have a number of ways to start important and needed conversations with them.

I pray the time was productive, inspiring and that the lessons in regards to a Christian manhood lasting. I can't wait for the next class!

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