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Want to build your teen son
into a Christian man?
You want them to be Christ-centered leaders of their community and homes. We can help you start the process.
The Problem

Our sons are struggling. 

They have a hard time keeping up in school, adding value in the home, staying connected to God, and becoming the leaders we need. 

Parents know their teen sons need to learn to become a man who is productive, happy, and close to God. However, many just don't have the time or know how to start these important conversations. 

The Goal

We help parents prepare their teen sons to become Christ-centered leaders of themselves, their families, and their community.

Through scripture study, guided discussion, real-world skill building and constant encouragement, The Immanuel Project makes important conversations easy to start to continue in the future.

Pathway to Manhood
Helping families build Christian men

Whether we realize it or not, our boys are on a pathway that leads to manhood. Their bodies are changing and growing, maturing into adulthood.


But what about their souls? Their connection to God? On a smaller scale, will they even be prepared to leave the house?

We are here to assist you on both fronts. The Immanuel Project was designed to help parents raise their sons to be Christ-filled men who can lead themselves and their communities.


We help you start awkward conversations, provide insight and encouragement, and connect everything we do back to scripture and the 'real-world.' 

Our Weekly Blog Posts
Thoughts on how we can help our boys become Christian men
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Please let us know if you'd like to host a small group in your area or would like ideas on how to best use the Pathway to Manhood workbook in your home. We'd be happy to help however we can.

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